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 Executive Function Specialists, Empowering Individuals to Thrive! 
 ADHD & Neurodiversity Coaching Services. 

Executive Functioning Coach Online - ADHD Coach Maryland

Executive Function Coaching

 Virtual Executive Function Coaching

With our support and guidance, clients build executive functioning life skills. Through self-motivated goal development and action-oriented plans, you'll find confidence, effective strategies and individualized modifications to navigate and succeed in your personal, professional, and social goals.

Using a Neuro-affirming approach we work with students and adults with organizational, time management, and attention challenges, ADHD, learning differences, and Autistic individuals. Together we uncover your strengths and pin point your specific challenges to understand and effectively utilize your unique brain.


Collaborating through video conferencing in your own environment allows for optimum engagement, flexibility, and confidence!

Are you or your child experiencing Executive functioning challenges?
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Jacquelyn Harper MS, OTR/L, ADHD-RSP

I’m an Executive Function Specialist & Neurodiversity Coach who is passionate about supporting and collaborating with students, professionals, and parents to uncover their strengths and motivations to help create and achieve their personal goals.

Taking Notes in Class

Understand and utilize your specific learning styles and strengths with a motivational, and action-oriented approach to develop organization, enhance time management, navigate effective problem solving, and increase independence.


Woman with Laptop

Learn to use your strengths to find and engage in meaningful work and create balance and independence in your life. Gain awareness of ineffective behaviors and build the skills needed to achieve confidence, enhance effective problem-solving, improve communication, and cultivate resilience and productivity. 



Collaborate on effective strategies to build independence, understand behaviors, and support the unique development of skills in your child. I specialize in coaching Autistic children, those with ADHD and all individuals with unique brains!


Find purpose and balance in your retirement, while maintaining your independence. Brains are constantly changing and it is essential to evolve and adjust personal strategies to maintain successful planning skills, improve time management, and achieve your retirement goals. Using your strengths we’ll work together to create meaningful engagement in your life!


Executive Function and ADHD Coaching

Are you ready to use your unique Neurodiverse strengths to build independence, connection, balance, and self-confidence? Are you curious about the right-for-you strategies to help find success in your goals?

I weave research based interventions with a compassionate, mindful approach in my coaching. If you’re ready to gain clarity, kick your limiting self beliefs, show up authentically and create goals with aligned action steps to make it happen, Click Learn More to book a free consultation, and discover how together we will get unstuck from your external and internal chaos.

– Lisa S.

Jacquelyn Merlehan is a wonderfully talented coach. Her personal style is warm, positive, and encouraging.  She listens intently and is easy to talk to. Jacquelyn is able to capture a clients mood, energy and personal needs and deliver thoughtful, honest, and constructive advice. I cannot recommend Jacquelyn highly enough.

– S.J.

I continue to come away from my sessions with Jacquelyn feeling supported, motivated, and uplifted by her deep engagement in the work we do together. She is very thoughtful and always has wonderful ideas to easily implement, in order to help achieve my goals. You will not find a more informed, generous and professional coach. Cannot say enough good things about her and this experience!


I am fortunate to be working with Jacquelyn. She has taught me new skills and habits to create a more organized, structured rhythm in my life. Jacquelyn is very knowledgeable about how my brain works and also very caring, supportive and genuine. She truly wants to help me succeed. I am more organized since I have started working with her and very appreciative of her as a person and coach.

– R.S. and T.S.

Jacquelyn has been a wonderful person to work with from day one. She is obviously very good at what she does because for one thing she doesn’t present what she knows in a tough, hard to understand approach she presents it in an easy to understand way that puts you at ease. She is a therapist, a teacher, and most importantly a friend. Thanks Jacquelyn we really appreciate what you do for us!

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