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Mastering the 6 P's of Planning

Essential to Use a Growth Mindset: With each revolution of the wheel, we learn something(obstacles to better predict or successes to repeat) and we move forward.

Problem Identification: 

- Identify Goal/ Specific Challenge Area 


- Brainstorm action plans

- Prioritize: Pick the best option

Predict Obstacles and Strengths: 

-Consider the challenges your brainstyle may encounter with this plan. Consider what strengths will support it.

Pick Strategies if Needed: 

-Consider your specific strengths and how they can support you. 

-How you can use your skills to build accountability and scaffold the task to meet your needs.


-Try it out with curiosity. 


-What went well? 

-What was challenging? 

-This is essential for learning, building confidence, and changing our brain wiring. Squash any judgement and turn on your curiosity lens. 

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