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Coaching with Jacquelyn

Achieve your Goals with Confidence!

Service Description

Coaching develops Executive Functioning skills and strategies to ● Enhance ​Focus and Productivity ● Navigate Effective ​Problem-Solving ● Improve ​Time Management and Task Completion ● Increase ​Organization and Planning ● Build ​Confidence and Self-Advocacy With my support and guidance, clients are able to build Executive Functioning and Life skills. Through the use of self-motivated goal development and strengths-based strategies, individuals are able to create and achieve action-oriented plans to confidently understand their uniqueness, efficiently navigate their challenges, and succeed in their goals. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes. Accountability check-ins and messaging support is provided between sessions, so you can continue reflecting and problem-solving during the week. Coaching is pre-paid by the month. Each month includes three sessions (1 each week is recommended with the last week of the month off). I ask clients to expect to work with me for at least two months, but there is no limit on how long we continue.

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