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Middle School Summer Learning Pod

Small Group Learning Pod

Service Description

Prepare your child for success in middle school, with focus on: - Advanced Organization and Time Management: Help students refine their organizational skills by teaching them how to effectively manage their time, materials, and tasks. - Complex Planning and Prioritization: Guide students in developing more sophisticated planning skills, including long-term goal setting and prioritizing multiple tasks. - Enhanced Working Memory Strategies: Provide advanced techniques and exercises to improve working memory capacity, including strategies for encoding, storing, and retrieving information. - Deepening Self-Regulation and Impulse Control: Teach advanced self-regulation techniques to help students manage their emotions, impulses, and behaviors in various situations - Fostering Flexibility and Adaptability: Promote flexible thinking by exposing students to diverse problem-solving scenarios and teaching them how to adapt their strategies accordingly. Dates: June 19th + 26th, July 10th + 17th Times: 12:00pm- 2:00pm Location: St. Agnes Catholic School Price: $125/session, All 4 Session Discount : $450

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