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Adult Coaching

Achieve your Goals with Confidence!

Service Description

Coaching develops Executive Functioning skills and strategies to ● Enhance ​Focus and Productivity ● Navigate Effective ​Problem-Solving ● Improve ​Time Management and Task Completion ● Increase ​Organization and Planning ● Build ​Confidence and Self-Advocacy With my support and guidance, clients are able to build Executive Functioning and Life skills. Through the use of self-motivated goal development and strengths-based strategies, individuals are able to create and achieve action-oriented plans to confidently understand their uniqueness, efficiently navigate their challenges, and succeed in their goals. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes. Unlimited messaging support is provided between sessions, so you can continue reflecting and problem-solving during the week. Coaching is pre-paid by the month. Each month includes three sessions (1 each week is recommended with the last week of the month off). The current monthly rate is $450. I ask clients to expect to work with me for at least two months, but there is no limit on how long we continue.